Spring Break Party Pinnies

Custom Spring Break Party Pinnies

Make your girls Spring Break Party Pinnies from Lightning Wear.  

Spring Break Party Pinnies
Spring Break Party Pinnies

Breaking news : Spring Break Starts Now Ladies and Gentleman with these fabulous neon green and purple pinnies. Thanks for the order and have a rockin time to our friends in Wellesley Mass.  We manufacture custom pinnies and shooter shirts for girls and guys all over the globe.


Here is a little story spring break about my Junior year at college.  All of my friends were planning a trip to Key West Florida for a wild spring break getaway.  Unfortunately, as many broke college students are, I could not afford the cash to get down there with the rest of my boys.  I have a credit card or two back then.  But as most active college students, I had a nearly full time job just trying to pay that off.  BTW if you are a college kid that is contemplating getting a credit card, resist the temptation.  We love that you buy our Senior Spring Break pinnies, but do not finance them.  Anyways getting back to the story.


So I am working at the local pharmacy as a clerk and cashier.  This at times nice old guy used to come in the store in his wheel chair.  He had a handler that wheeled him around.  The old guy was definitely a ball buster.  Sometimes he would give me a hard time, but I always loved to give it right back to him.  On one particular day he came in to try and mess with me but I think he knew right off the bat that I was not in the mood for fooling around.  So he had his guy wheel him up near me at the drug store counter.  He then asked me what was wrong.  I told him that all my pals were gearing up to go to Florida for the long spring break week.  He asked me why I wasnt going.  I told him that I did not have the funds to do so.  He then had his guy wheel him up to me a little closer and he pulled out his wallet.  To my surprise, he pulled out $500 in cash and handed it to me.  That is definitely a lot of custom team jerseys in todays since of the value of money.  He told me that I had worked hard and deserved the money.  It was not a loan but a gift from him and his nice old wife.

I nearly burst in to tears that day.  Dr. and Mrs. McLaughlin had made my week.  I immediately called up my pals and made them save me a spot for what would be one of the most memorable and enjoyable times of my life.  I made sure when I was down in KW to get them a nice gift for their kindness.  Sorry to drag this on but the moral of the story is that sometimes good things happen when you least expect them.  The DR and his wife have since deceased but they will always be in my thoughts and prayers.  Thanks for reading.  If you need custom basketball jerseys in College Park Maryland or anywhere, call me and I will get you an additional discount.  This area was my old stomping grounds.

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