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South Basketball Reversible Jerseys – North Hills New York Pinnies

March Madness is here!Out goes some South Rebels Basketball Pinnies to the North Hills Team in New York. Thanks for the order. 

south basketball pinnies
south basketball pinnies

It looks like the guys from North Hills New York have forgotten the past in these South Rebels orange and black basketball pinnies.  The wounds of the past have let these guys wear the Rebels themed jerseys without trouble.  The team added a white and orange front logo on both reverse sides of the jersey.  On the backs they added custom names and numbers to salute each of their players.  The imprints were done using a screen printed front logo.  But the back names and numbers were done using a vinyl long lasting transfer.

Dye Sublimated Basketball Jerseys

Now, we also offer custom dye sublimated basketball jerseys.  There is a slightly different application process for the dye sublimated jerseys.  However, the look and feel of the jerseys is definitely a bit different.  In 2014 we started only selling dye sublimated products when custom names and numbers are applied.  We feel that the product is much better and more durable.  So if you are a team that is reordering from a few years passed, you will likely get upgraded to these at no extra charge.  Call us and we can discuss possibilities for custom basketball uniforms for your team or squad.

Basketball jerseys are about three inches long than our lacrosse pinnies.  As well, the arm and neck holes are more cropped for a tighter more form fitting feel.  These are a unisex jersey so girls and guys can wear them comfortably.  We make them in adult and youth sizes starting at size youth extra small.  They go as large as the five extra large size.  There is a sizing chart on the main part of our site.

Please contact us with any sizing or color questions.  We work seven days a week so more than likely someone will be able to help you when you call in.  The dye sublimation jerseys come in over 10000 different colors.  So if there is a style or pattern that you have in mind, just let us know and we can help design your gear with you.  We have in house graphic artists that are capable of just about anything.

Be sure to check out the link to our other basketball products below.  Thanks for reading my post on South basketball pinnies.

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