Sorority Jerseys

Custom Sorority Jerseys

Check out this bulk order of  sorority jerseys we made here at Lightning Wear.  

sorority jerseys
sorority jerseys

You down with LVC?  here goes some special pink and navy blue pinnies to the LVC crew.  Watch out for the initiation master!!! The team went with collegiate font nicknames and numbers in pink on the backs of the reversible jerseys.  For under $30 these gals were able to look like a professionally organized team without breaking the bank.  Call us for team pricing and group discounts.

Most sorority orders are huge.  We will normally turn out a 100-300 piece order of jerseys in about three weeks.  If there is a big event or tailgate celebration that you have planned, just let us know and we will work hard to deliver in the time you need it for.  We once did an order for a combined Texas sorority event that had over 700 different jerseys ordered.  It is a lot to keep track of but we pulled it off with complete ease.  Apparently football is not the only big event in Texas.