Some Tech Company Pinnies

Orange Some Tech Company Pinnies

Create your Some Tech Company Pinnies from Lightning Wear.  

some tech company pinnies
some tech company pinnies

Thanks to the “Some Tech Company” Team for these orange and powder blue lax pinnies. Good luck on your season!  We outfit a ton of companies and groups that get together each year for their intramural or adult league basketball teams.  You can add any sponsor or team name logo and names numbers.  There is always one responsible person in the group that takes initiative and orders for the whole group.  I have been there and done this many of times.  Unfortunately there is always one in the bunch that frequently forgets to pay their dues but still shows to play.  Painful.

We can make your team look good but unfortunately we cannot help you with that one or two that are getting on your nerves.  Bozos will be bozos.  You might want to check out our sublimated reversible jerseys too.