Soccer Uniforms Wholesale – Sublimated

Custom Soccer Uniforms Wholesale – Sublimated

Soccer uniforms wholesale from Lightning Wear®.  We offer vendor pricing and special quantity discounts to all licensed and registered vendors or resellers.  Our soccer uniform wholesale pricing is competitive and our turn times are fast.  I had to laugh today because a price sheet for one of the biggest sports apparel manufacturers out there came across my desk.  I was shocked to hear what the price was on their sublimated soccer, basketball and lacrosse uniforms for resellers.  Disgusting.

Soccer Uniforms Wholesale
Soccer Uniforms Wholesale


Lightning Wear Soccer Uniforms

What you need to know about Lightning Wear is that in the grand scheme of things, we are on the smaller side of the soccer equipment manufacturers in the world.  What that means is that we are here and committed to making our brand and our product grow like the big guys.  You can look and feel like your favorite pro or college team for any sports uniforms but pay half of the price.  Our company doesn’t own private jets or third vacation homes.  Management, owners and staff work together to meet deadlines and produce what we feel is a superior product to the big guys.  Give us a shout and let us outfit your next soccer team.