Sluggin and Pumpin Pinnies

Custom Sluggin and Pumpin Pinnies

Check out these custom sluggin and pumpin pinnies from Lightning Wear.  

sluggin and pumpin pinnies
sluggin and pumpin pinnies

If they look like this at the bar, I can only imagine the athleticism out on the softball field. Thanks to the Sluggin and Pumpin crew for the enjoyable pics. Just good clean fun.  This crew of twenty somethings wanted to have some cool pinnies made for a bar crawl they were going to.  We worked with them on a fresh design.  They chose neon green and white reversibles with custom names and numbers on the back.  You can guess by the picture that they had such a great time they wanted to share it with us for our blog.

We love when you send us your group pictures.  All of our social media followers and spectators feel the energy when stuff like this gets sent in.  So PLEASE, keep sending them.  We promise to post them whenever time permits.