Slippery Rock Lacrosse Shorts

Make Slippery Rock Lacrosse Shorts

Here goes some sweet Slippery Rock Lacrosse Shorts to the crew in Slippery Rock Pennsylvania.  Add personal numbers and logos to your shorts anywhere anytime.  Made in Kensington, Maryland USA.  Fast shipping and delivery on custom sublimated lacrosse shorts.

slippery rock lacrosse shorts
slippery rock lacrosse shorts

Since 2006, we have been outfitting many college lacrosse teams with our lacrosse shorts, jerseys pinnies and shooter shirts.  When we first started we got all of our orders made in Pakistan.  This was an incredibly difficult and gruesome experience that we never want to relive again.  Our renditions and instructions to our overseas counterpart were completely misinterpreted.

Their size and colors charts were completely off, and the goods that they delivered to us were sub par.  It was hard for us to continue to send our good customers the poor quality merchandise that we were selling.  We discounted just about every order that we made that season and went back to the drawing board.  Ordering lacrosse uniforms from overseas and trying to stay in business was not going to work.

With determination, perseverance and a lot of sleepless nights, we made it through the first year of madness.  We realized we had a great group of customers and a site that was able to support a growth for team orders.   We truly appreciate the customers that have continued to stick by us, even when times were gray.  I learned an even more valuable lesson that year.  I sound like Tony Robbins video here, but one of the things that he says if you ever listen to him that really sticks.  “Perceive more and judge less” is Tony’s famous quote.

Having your back against the wall when odds are stacked against you is a great way to test your character as a human being.  It makes you see things completely different.  We pushed through during these times and are glad we did. When people are having a bad day, sometimes its best to jump back and hear them out instead of being all over them with frustration.  How about some Robbins custom lacrosse shorts for inspiration. haha.