Sigma Chi Basketball Jerseys

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Sigma Chi Reversible Jerseys

Here goes some Sigma Chi basketball jerseys on the way north.

sigma chi basketball jerseys
sigma chi basketball jerseys
sigma chi pinnie back
sigma chi pinnie back

Design and order your custom reversible basketball jerseys in adult sizes big and small. Thanks for the order and have a great school year.  It says basketball jersey but the model that you see pictured is actually a shorter lacrosse pinnie.  The design and logos look very crisp because they are dye sublimated.  The basketball jersey is about three inches longer than pictured and has more form fitting inner arm holes.

For around $30 bones you and your club team or organization can wear these bad boys.  They are great for fraternity formals, intramural sports or just lamping as we used to say.  Call us and we can help you design something with your frat colors or flags.  Be sure to check out some of our other fraternity designs.  As well, check out some of the other basketball uniforms and products that we make for teams all over the globe.  Everything you see is made using dye sublimation.