Royal Blue Lacrosse Shorts

Customize Royal Blue Lacrosse Shorts

We love the matching royal blue lacrosse shorts being made up for our guys in Wheaton Illinois.  All of our products are made to order in Maryland USA.  Design online or have one of our artists do it for you.  Unique lax shorts come with or without pockets.  Many times, our youth teams prefer not having pockets because the butt end of the stick seems to make its way in them when they are playing.  Normally it does not affect the price of the pair.  If you are on a budget for your team or club, call us and we can help save you money and look cool at the same time in our fresh uniforms.

royal blue lacrosse shorts
royal blue lacrosse shorts


The team wanted big numbers on the bottom right side so we added a collegiate inside font to really stand out.  The royal blue lax shorts can be made in tons of different patterns and style options.  Indeed it is also very fine to just add a cool lightning bolt and some text to the bottoms and you will definitely stand out.

For around $65.00 you can get a set of a reversible jersey and a dye sublimated matching game short that will be just as durable and performing as some of the rich name brands.  The colors, patterns and designs that you choose are not limited to any restriction.   Our artists are fully accessible at all times to answer your graphic arts questions or concerns.  We have a color chart that we work off of for about 20 standard colors, then the rest is based off of your preferred pantone or shade that you want for your lacrosse uniforms.

Same goes with font styles.  You are able to use just about any font or color of font that you want.  We recommend that you stay away from italicized fonts for team names and numbers.  They tend to stretch out which means that they have to shrink if the numbers are wider than taller.  We recommend that you go with the long and tall crisp numbers with some type of second color outline or drop fade.  Again, feel free to call us to discuss this about you custom lacrosse short.