Reversible Sleeved Lacrosse Jerseys

Make Reversible Sleeved Lacrosse Jerseys

Custom Lacrosse Uniforms

Reversible sleeved lacrosse jerseys from Lightning Wear®.  We have been showing you pictures of the Gulf Breeze Florida lacrosse uniforms for the last few years now.  This year, the team decided to go with something a little different.  Instead of the traditional reversible lacrosse pinnies, the team decided on reversible full lacrosse jerseys.  Our site shows the classic lacrosse jersey, but for an additional ten dollars you can get the jersey

reversible sleeved lacrosse jerseys
reversible sleeved lacrosse jerseys

with reversible colors.  The team added custom logos to the front and full sized numbers on the back.  GB also added custom lacrosse shorts.  The shorts had the custom argyle print side panels.  As well, they added individual numbers for each player.

I cannot speak for the talent of the team.  I can say that they will be one of the best dressed teams this season on the field.  My understanding is that there are very few companies out there these days that are actually making reversible lacrosse jerseys with sleeves.  We are glad to know that Lightning Wear can make this happen for your team.  It is amazing seeing how beautiful these turned out.

More so, we are excited to see such a great group of coaches and players get such fantastic gear.  LW used very durable and long lasting material.  The jerseys and shorts are dye sublimated.  This means that there will be no visible wear long after the first, second or fifth season. Our adult and youth lacrosse uniforms are made to last.

High School Regulations For Lacrosse

Keep in mind that the jerseys pictured would not pass current high school regulations.  These jerseys were made for a youth inter play league so they were not concerned about the rules per se.  Regardless, we can follow the rules or make your designs, text and numbers as big or small as you need them.

Call us today for pricing and design possibilities for your custom reversible sleeved lacrosse jerseys.

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© Lacrosse Pinnies & Lax Pinnie | Lightning Wear®