Reversible Pinnies

Make Reversible Pinnies

Custom Uber Reversible Jerseys

It was an honor and privilege working with the Uber team on these custom reversible pinnies.  The reps from the company had a large event and wanted their guys and gals to stand out in custom Uber reversible jerseys.  We took on the challenge and made up these custom collegiate cut jerseys with their trademark brand.  Lightning Wear would definitely love seeing every one of their drivers in one of these bad boys.  The impressive part about this whole order was the fact that their team uploaded their logo to our site.  With four letters, a stock design turned in to a marketable promotional piece.

reversible pinnies
reversible pinnies


The greatest thing about our gear is that we are not just tailored to one particular audience.  We have done work for so many great companies and big institutions. Ten years ago when we started out in the basement of a house in Brookeville, Maryland we never thought we would have been outfitting for the likes of the a grand company like UBER.  More so, we have done work for Vineyard Vines, Captain Morgan, Jack Daniels, Dicks Sporting Goods, and tons of professional and minor sports leagues.  So on top of all of the high school and college teams, we are glad to have some of the biggest names in business wearing our sublimated apparel.

Don’t Drink and Drive.

I guess this is a great time for me to make a public safety announcement.  You always see the sober ride commercials and reminders on tv and the radio.  Many may think that these warnings never apply to you.  Well they do.  So now it is my turn to say something that will hopefully resonate with you.  On my 30th birthday many moons ago, my young and very close cousin Robert M. was killed in an accident that involved alcohol. This special human being was my second little brother and I loved him dearly. On my special night, Rob was leaving a party I hosted where alcohol was being served.  To this day, losing my baby cousin was the most devastating thing that that has ever happened to me.  Taxis and especially Uber are the greatest way to make sure everyone gets home safe.  We are all about having a good time and celebrating with your friends.  Call Uber and be safe.  Sorry to get deep with you but if I make you think for a minute I  have done my job as a blogger and friend.  I miss you slobby Robbie!  Call us for custom reversible pinnies!