Reversible Lacrosse Jerseys

Custom Reversible Lacrosse Jerseys

Check out our Reversible Lacrosse Jerseys from Lightning Wear®.  These pinnies are making me want to go fishing. Some poppin salmon grillers lax pinnies are on the way to Houston Texas. Happy Fishing and Laxin! Not sure about you but I only prefer eating salmon if it is sushi.  The cooked stuff is not for me.  Anyhow our reversible jerseys are cooked any way you like them.  The Salmon grillers chose neon green and white mesh lacrosse pinnies with custom black print logos on the front.  On the back, they added team names and numbers with funny prints.

Reversible Lacrosse Jerseys
Reversible Lacrosse Jerseys


Sublimated Reversible Lacrosse Jerseys

The alternative to a reversible mesh pinnie is the sublimated lacrosse pinnies.  Unlike the jersey pictured, the sublimated jersey has more colors imprint and design to it.  Many people get confused by the distinction of the two.  The best way to decipher the two is to look directly at the fabric.  The mesh pinnie is made of a wide eye holed mesh.  Usually the imprint for these jerseys is applied by screen printing or a heat press vinyl.  They have a three dimensional feel to the imprint and customization.

The dye sublimated jersey is more silky and smooth.  When you put your hand over the print of the jersey there is no different feel.  The reason is because the designs prints and patterns are all dyed directly in to the fabric.  The ink becomes liquid then back to a solid so there is no visible difference between the original garment and what has been added to it.

In my opinion, the dye sublimation jerseys are definitely the people choice.  For about five dollars more than the traditional lacrosse or basketball pinnies, you can have  a top of the line garment that will last many more seasons than its forefather.

Either choice, we want you buying your reversible lacrosse jerseys from us here at Lightning Wear.