Reversible Camouflage Jerseys

Design Reversible Camouflage Jerseys

Reversible camouflage jerseys from Lightning Wear®.  Cant go wrong with these camo and powder blue reversible jerseys blue camo. On the way to the North Shore!

The North Shore Warriors contacted us saying that they wanted to look fierce in their weekend tournament that was coming up for lacrosse.  They mentioned that their colors were light blue and black. They ordered mostly adult smalls with some adult mediums for the bigger 13 year olds on the team.   Our artist worked with them on several rentions.  In all, they seemd to enjoy the one pictured the best.  They added team names and numbers to the back of both reverse sides.  As well, we helped them design a set of custom camo lacrosse shorts that are not pictured.

reversible camouflage jerseys
reversible camouflage jerseys


As an addendum to this post, we no longer dye sublimate on the wide hole mesh material.  We notice that the quality is better and more visible in the silky polyester mesh without the wide holes.  The jerseys pictured actually was screen printed so there is actually a dimension and texture to the print.  These are great jerseys but we now make them even better.