Red Lacrosse Shorts

USA Red Lacrosse Shorts

The boys in Ohio are gearing up for the upcoming spring season of lacrosse in these custom red lacrosse shorts.  Their shorts were designed and ordered as solid red shorts with a dip dye or ombre fade side panel.  The team added their native lacrosse logo. Sublimated lacrosse shorts with side panels can be designed on our site with any color or pattern.  You can easily add logos, numbers or custom prints to any part of the shorts. Lightning Wear shorts have four stitch durable drawstring waistbands.  They are available in adult and kids sizing.  But the choice for pockets is left up to you.

red lacrosse shorts
red lacrosse shorts

Made in the USA

The made in the USA movement has recently become popular in our country due to our Nation’s somewhat ailing economy.  Lightning Wear makes our uniforms in the United States because we think we do it better than our overseas competitors.  Just about every day we receive solicitations from overseas manufacturers. Their claim is that they can make less expensive lacrosse uniforms.  They try to use the lingo and do the standard brand name drop.  Some of these guys have even infiltrated social media with their nonsense offers and pirated images.  In reality, most of them are clueless to North American trends, colors patterns or sizing.  We learned the hard way back in 2006 that many of these overseas manufactures are not capable of consistently providing a reliable source for apparel.

We learned that in order to service the rising sports community, we would need to set up shop and make gear ourselves.  Our company has learned the ins and outs of the cut and sew manufacturing business.  We feel we are one of the best at dye sublimation uniforms.  So if you are looking for made in America red lacrosse shorts at a reasonable price and great quality, give us a call.