Practice Pinnies

Customize Practice Pinnies

Design your own Practice Pinnies from Lightning Wear®.  A set of Royal and Orange is on the way south to our Texas pals in Houston. Thanks for the order and Seasons Greetings.

practice pinnies
practice pinnies

Hotshot lacrosse wanted their girls team to stand out in practice and in games with some custom reversible jerseys.  They went with the mens plain pinnie with side panels.  On the front they added a screen printed orange logo on the blue side and a royal blue color screen print on the orange side.  As well they added team numbers and names to the back of each of the jerseys so the refs parents and coaches knew who they were.  As you can see by the size of the picture the jerseys were order in youth sizes.  We make starting at youth small and going to you extra large in individual sizes.

Texas Lacrosse

Texas lacrosse is growing like wildfire.  In an earlier post, I mentioned that we have been seeing a great surge in the different areas of Florida for lacrosse.  Well I believe I spoke too soon in that post.  Texas is seeing an incredible surge in youth and adult lacrosse programs.  This is happening so much that we are hearing reports that some schools are losing players from their baseball and football teams because of the sport.  I am all about a balanced athlete and I am not too partial to any sport.  I think it is great that kids are active as long as they are wearing our custom sports uniforms.


Our in house graphic art staff is ready to serve you and your organization.  In any sport reversible jerseys for practice are an essential.  If your team or club is looking custom practice pinnies, please give us a call and we will get you outfitted.