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Make Girls Pinnys for Soccer 

Get your custom pinnys for any sport from Lightning Wear.  Jones Bridge soccer will be ready for the indoor and outdoor play in these light blue and white screen printed pinnies.  Make girls pinnys for soccer in any colors, pattern or design you want.   The pictured jerseys are our regular girls racerback reversible with a black screen printed ink added to them. Lightning Wear is famous for being the first manufacturer to create a custom racerback reversible mesh jersey back in 2006.  We know this because since this time, we have seen a number of larger sports apparel companies use a similar template for the high arched back and neckline.  We still feel our custom jerseys online are the most comfortable and form fitting in the market today.

If you notice, our screen printed jerseys are a little less expensive on the site then the sublimated jerseys.  The fabric is also different in that it has a little wide hole mesh.  Sublimated jerseys have pure ink being married in to them so the holes are smaller and less able to be penetrated.



Screen printed pinnies / pinnys have a usually long shelf life considering.  On average this type of pinnie at some point loses its print color.  Names and numbers over the course of washes and wear will also start to peel.  When I say over the course of time, I usually mean after a year or two unless you eat, sleep and breath in it.  I know people that fit in to this category and honestly in the summers, I am one of these jokers.

Sublimated PInnies | Sublimated Pinnys

Sublimated pinnies/ sublimated pinnys on the other hand are much different.  Once the fabric is placed in the machine with the dye sub ink and the solid is turned in to a liquid and back to a solid on the material, it is there permanently.*

I put an asterisk next to this because  this depends on the process, the quality of ink and the quality of paper.  I was at a tournament up in Bel Air Maryland this weekend for my daughters lacrosse tournaments and could not help but notice some of the uniforms being worn by our competitors brand.
First, it is apparent that the people that were making the jerseys had no clue about what is required for the sublimation process to work properly.  I don’t want to criticize because we have been there and learned the hard way.  What i can say is that there are a lot of factors that make a good color and durable garment.  If sublimation ink is not applied on the proper fabric it will fade and wash out.  Many of the overseas manufacturers work that I have seen falls victim to this.
 Also, cheap inks and poor quality paper can result in a not so nice color.  At Lightning Wear® we use state of the art equipment, high quality fabrics, inks and paper.  As well, we posses a knowledge and experience that does not get acquired with the turn of a switch.  Call us for your team questions.  We proudly make all of our screen printed and sublimated gear and pinnys in our Maryland factory.
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© Lacrosse Pinnies & Lax Pinnie | Lightning Wear®
© Lacrosse Pinnies & Lax Pinnie | Lightning Wear®