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Pinnies neon green made by Lightning Wear.  Here goes some neon green and purple pinnies heading out to Knoxville Tennessee.

pinnies neon green
pinnies neon green

Tell Newborn Goose and the rest of the crew thanks from LW.  I love some of the nicknames you guys and gals come up with. Get your custom pinnies in any style, color or pattern. Our one of a kind online reversible jersey builder has the most options and product selection out there.

In addition to reversible jerseys, we also manufacture short and long sleeve shooter shirts.  We are one of the first and only manufacturers based in the USA to use dye sublimation technology.  This is a sophisticated process where designs and ink are transferred to material using a high heat gas infusion.  Simply put the ink is married in to the fabric with a really hot oven like roller.  Most of our competitors purchase their custom uniforms overseas.


We strongly feel that having the in house production facility gives us a great competitive advantages to even the biggest brands in the game.  Our staff has a combined fifty plus years of experience in team uniform, custom shirts and custom pinnies manufacturing and customization. But what makes our team stand out from the rest is our in house graphic design options.  We employ the freshest and most talented artists.  There is nothing that you can throw at these guys and gals that they have not already made or designed.

Reversible Jerseys

The trend for reversible jerseys has taken a bit of a slide in the last five years.  We believe we were the pioneers for the great craze.  Our girls racerback pinnies were the first ever made.  I know this because I helped design them.  It is amazing to see even to this day other companies that have taken our patterns and used them as their own.  As I said in another post, imitation is the biggest form of flattery.  But as the DOC once said, no one can do it better.  You may see pinnies at every boardwalk shop and five and dime on the planet.  Most of the influx of reversible jerseys these days has been garbage and not up to our standards of quality and durability.

I guess you can sense that I am really proud of our product.  It bothers me that customers are duped in to buying poorly made garments from overseas manufactures.  You know the old saying, you pay for what you get.

So if your are looking for pinnies neon green or  any color give us a call at 888-438-7875 and we will take care of you.



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© Lacrosse Pinnies & Lax Pinnie | Lightning Wear®
© Lacrosse Pinnies & Lax Pinnie | Lightning Wear®