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Phi Delta Theta Shorts – Fraternity Pinnies

Check out these Phi Delta Theta pinnies from Lightning Wear.  We are the original fraternity pinnies manufacturer and provider of the USA and Canada.  Here goes a wild set to the fellas of Phi Delta Theta. Even if you are not the best team out on the field, you will definitely be the best dressed. Thanks for the order and have a great school year. Made in the USA. We make tons of Sorority basketball jerseys and custom intramural basketball uniforms for all fraternal organizations.

phi delta theta pinnies
phi delta theta pinnies

Fraternity Shorts

Show off your brotherhood in the sublimated fraternity shorts. All of our products are custom dyed with designs logos and prints.  We can add any color crest, print or pattern without a hitch.

I can remember partying with the Maryland Phi Delta Theta crew back in the mid nineties.  This was a class act bunch of guys with plenty of characters in the bunch.  They were always a kind and welcoming bunch that knew how to drink their bourbon.  I wish we were making our custom lacrosse shorts and reversible jerseys back then.  We guarantee they would have definitely been wearing our gear.

For around $65 you can get a set of reversible jerseys and lacrosse or basketball shorts with any design you want.  But if you are not the creative person, we can help.  We have very talented artists on staff.  We also offer bulk discounts on orders above 50-100 pieces.  Its funny because every once in a blue moon we will get an email from someone inquiring about pricing.  It will say that they have a bulk order of ten jerseys that the want to get made and the want a discount.

Just so you know, we make very little if anything on the one to twenty orders.  Do the math.  If we make five dollars on ten pieces we are lucky if we eat lunch.  We do small orders on the hopes that you and your friends will like and buy more.  Please understand that if we say no on a discount on your one piece, its not because we do not want you to buy, we just have to cover costs.

Hope you enjoy reading our posts. Call us today for your Phi Delta Theta pinnies and custom fraternity shorts.


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© Lacrosse Pinnies & Lax Pinnie | Lightning Wear®