Personalized Lacrosse Jerseys

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Here goes a set of personalized lacrosse jerseys to one of our favorite customers in Hewlett New York.  Funny enough these sleeved lacrosse jerseys were made tough but will never see a game in action.  

personalized lacrosse jerseys
personalized lacrosse jerseys

Our customer did senior gifts for each of the graduating stars of the varsity lacrosse team.  So she and some other moms and dads chipped in to buy personalized jerseys for the boys (now men) to put tin their dorms at college.  We currently offer three styles of lacrosse game jerseys similar to the one pictured.  I should absolutely rephrase this.  We over 1000+ different styles that you can make.  Our online jersey maker only currently has three different styles.  We use a process known as dye sublimation.  There are a lot of companies that say they offer dye sublimation uniforms, but you must be very careful.


What Makes Lightning Wear Different

Unlike many of the current vendors for team apparel, what makes Lightning Wear different than others is our direct manufacturing.  That is correct.  We print, cut and sew your garment in our Kensington, Maryland factory.  Our team knows where your garments are at every stage in the process.  Some of our employees have worked in the biggest factories for apparel manufactures and our competitors all over the world.  They are extremely experienced and stand ready to take your order and make you and your team look great.   Custom uniforms  have a special and very unique process that our experts have mastered.

We are always told that are prices are too cheap for the service and product that we offer.  That is not completely true.  We are average to our competitors in the industry.  Our feeling is that we charge a fair price but we give exceptional service and product.  You will never have to feel like you are being dodged by your vendor or not getting the proper attention.  We are parents, players and coaches too.  Lightning Wear wants you and your team coming back to us for personalized lacrosse jerseys and team apparel for years to come.

Call us today to discuss your next team apparel purchase at 888-438-7875.  Our in house graphic artists will work up a design that will impress.  If you feel more comfortable discussing your personalized lacrosse jerseys purchase in person, just stop on in to our Maryland USA factory.

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© Lacrosse Pinnies & Lax Pinnie | Lightning Wear®