Orange Camouflage Lacrosse Uniforms – Orange Lax Shorts

Custom Orange Camouflage Lacrosse Uniforms

Orange Lax Shorts

Orange camouflage lacrosse uniforms from Lightning Wear®.  I can remember the days as a kid when my brother and I used to go to Surplus Plus in Wheaton triangle.  They always had the coolest selection of new and used military uniforms, knives and other gadgets.  

orange camouflage lacrosse uniforms
orange camouflage lacrosse uniforms

One of the coolest things I ever got from that store (which has now since been replaced by a Peruvian chicken joint)was an orange camouflage pair of army pants.  I used to wear those things every day in my youth.  Ever since then I have always been partial to anything camo or orange.  Every time I see a cool camouflage order come through our system I have to track it down and post it.  I am always amazed with how prints get transferred on to fabric.  I would imagine that sublimation technology must have improved since the early ’80’s when I started wearing this. Camouflage lacrosse uniforms are definitely moving up in the world.

Here is a pic of a reorder that we did for the Stampede team in Northville, Michigan.  The matching camouflage lacrosse shorts and custom reversible jerseys definitely will make this team ready for war.

Our youth lacrosse shorts can be purchased in sizes as small as youth extra small.  Same goes with our dye sublimated pinnies.  This means that if you have a pre schooler on your team, you will be able to outfit them in some cool Lightning Wear® sublimated team uniforms. Have a great rest of the summer season. Call us for any orange camouflage lacrosse uniforms or any other color.  Made in the USA.