Ohio Lacrosse Pinnies – Cinccinnati

Sublimated Ohio Lacrosse Pinnies

Ohio lacrosse pinnies from Lightning Wear®.  

Ohio lacrosse pinnies
Ohio lacrosse pinnies

We love to see the great sport of lacrosse growing each year all over the map.  Especially in areas where great athletes from every type of sport or walk of life exist.  Pictured is a set of collegiate cut sublimated jerseys with a navy accent reversible to red on the the Nati lax bros in Cincinnati Ohio.  The team chose to have their logo repeated on the side panels of each side for a truly fun effect.  Follow this link to start designing this particular style.


Sublimated Reversible Jersey

The great thing about being able to manufacture our custom sublimated reversible jersey from our location is that we are able to make design and style changes on the fly with our customers.  Lacrosse pinnies in Ohio can be shipped from Maryland fast. Ground shipping is normally two days as opposed to 40 from overseas manufacturers.  As well,  we understand US sizing and colors unlike our competitors for Ohio lacrosse gear.  If you have a design idea in mind, please reach out to us and we can get you the new look for lacrosse pinnies, shooter shirts and lacrosse shorts you are looking for. Thank you for visiting our site.