NFHS Boys Lacrosse Uniforms

The NFHS Boys Lacrosse Uniforms

NFHS Boys Lacrosse Jersey Rule

Learn about the NFHS Boys Lacrosse Uniforms.  We often receive calls from lacrosse coaches and high school administrators about the rules and regulations for Boys lacrosse uniforms within the high school leagues across the US.  

NFHS Boys Lacrosse Uniforms
NFHS Boys Lacrosse Uniforms

My understanding is that the rules and regulations really depend on the league that your in.  I know from speaking with many high school referees that their biggest concern is being able to see the numbers for each player when they are on the field.

Every high school players is looking to make their team uniforms stand out and be incredible.  Based on the regulations defined by the NFHS, the lacrosse jersey needs to be pretty plain and visible, without the change in colors of the shoulders, main color of the jersey, or the numbers.  The dilemma for many uniform manufacturers is the numbers requirements.  Very few numbers maker stock any type of 12 inch numbers so it makes the availability of these scarce.  This is why we sublimate all of our lacrosse uniforms.

Sublimated lacrosse uniforms by our company have the numbers and colors dyed in to the fabric so there is no worry of  peeling or irregular placement.  Please be sure to read the information on the link here for specific information as defined by the NFHS about the specs on uniforms.

Boys lacrosse uniforms

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