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Dont Sweat My Swag Pinnies – Swag Reversible Jerseys

New Hampshire Pinnies from Lightning Wear®.  

 New Hampshire Pinnies
New Hampshire Pinnies

Swag time again in the name of America. On the way to you, New Hampshire. Thanks!  Around the fourth of July we always get some of the coolest designs and orders.  I guess I am partial to them because a majority of the pinnies  we make during this time are inspired by the red white and blue theme.  The jerseys that you see pictured are basketball jerseys.  They are about three inches longer than the traditional lacrosse pinnies.

If I had to pick a preference of what type of reversible jersey I like best, I would have to say it is the basketball jerseys style.  I am a huge fan of lacrosse and have played it for many years.  But when I am heading to the gym for a workout, I do not want my belly showing.  The basketball pinnie comes down usually past the waist.  As well, the arm holes cover you a little better than the lacrosse pinnie.

Dont Sweat My Swag

Dont Sweat My Swag will always be the memorable phrase of kids for centuries to come.  You too can be remembered with a custom set of pinnies in any color pattern or design from Lightning Wear.  This group added some hilarious custom names and numbers to the backs of the jerseys.  For under thirty dollars you can get anything you want on a pair of shorts, jerseys or custom shooting shirts.  If you are more comfortable with us designing your shirts for you, just give us a call and we can start the process.  Your job is to get your pals sizes and names numbers in order.  We prefer your list to be sent in excel format.  The other option is to use the names and numbers feature of our online pinnie designer site.  Here you can add in the names and numbers according to size.

Call us at 888-438-7875 and we can make the process of buying your pinnies simple and easy.