NCJLA Lacrosse Uniforms Rules for 2014 – sleeves

NCJLA Lacrosse Uniforms Rules for 2014

Read about NCJLA Lacrosse Uniforms Rules for 2014 from Lightning Wear® here.One of our great re-seller customers just wrote to us mentioning that the Northern California Junior Lacrosse Association has some new uniforms rules for their reversible pinnies.  He mentioned that they are now requiring at least a 4″ sleeve on them.

NCJLA lacrosse uniforms rules for 2014
NCJLA lacrosse uniforms rules for 2014

I decided to go on their website to take a look and see what changes have been made.  To me, it seems a little strange that they reference a 4″ sleeve on a reversible jersey.  Below is how it reads on their site:





  1. Uniform Guidelines
    Sponsorships, boys or girls uniformsLogos or sponsored advertising may be worn on a uniform but may be no larger than 4 inches in either direction.  It cannot replace the club name or mascot name across the front or back of the jersey.  Logos can be in the form of a patch, tackle-twill or screened.

The NCJLA board of directors ultimately has the final say in what is appropriate for any logo or sponsorship showing on the uniform.  It is up to the individual club to maintain a suitable logo design and slogan on a youth player’s uniform.  No references to bars, alcohol, saloons, cigarettes or other inferences inappropriate for youth.

Boys’ Uniforms

High School boys: The NCJLA follows the NFHS Boys Lacrosse Rules and the uniform requirements written within.

Youth boys: The NCJLA follows the US Lacrosse Youth Rules & Best Practices Guidebook For Boys

 Points of emphasis for youth:  a team’s game jerseys body and sleeves should be of a single, dominant color with contrasting numbers on the front and back of sufficient size to be clearly visible by game officials anywhere on the field. Reversible pinnies meeting these criteria are acceptable, however sleeves must be a minimum of 4 inches wide.

The following are minimum numeral sizes by age group:


At least 8-inch numerals on the front that shall be centered

At least10-inch numerals on the back that shall be centered



At least 6-inch numerals on the front that shall be centered

At least 8-inch numerals on the back that shall be centered

Girls’ Uniforms

The NCJLA follows uniform guidelines for girls as stated in the US Lacrosse Rules. Guidelines for girls uniforms changed in 2013Click here for the new guidelines.  Please note that if your team is not compliant with the new uniform rules it will result in an automatic turnover during the first draw of the game.  Click here for USL Women’s rules.

Uniform Rules


Lacrosse Uniforms Guidelines Letter

Well there goes the saloon sponsored jersey idea I had in mind.  Just kidding.  I am looking in to the clarification of this information and will be sure to post as soon as I hear something.  It is always good to see these guys working hard to keep everything in compliance and uniform.  I know that if I were a ref and saw some of the jerseys that have been designed and shipped out of here, I would be a little bothered.  Here is the letter I sent.  Stay tuned…..

“Hi there! I have a lacrosse uniform question that I am hoping you can assist with.  We operate and we have a customer looking to purchase reversible pinnies for the upcoming NCJLA season.  We notice that there is a new rule that requires 4″ sleeves.  Reversible pinnies are generally sleeveless so we are trying to verify this information.  Does this mean that you want reversibles with sleeves or can the jersey be sleeveless but with a wider collegiate style pinnie that is +4″ accross the shoulders on each side?  I appreciate your help with this and look forward to passing it on to our customers.  Thanks! “

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  • Dan Walsh ,

    The NCJLA just replied back to confirm. You are correct, pinnies are sleeveless and are acceptable. I will have that wording on the NCJLA website corrected. Thank you so much for the fast response!!!

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