navy swim shorts

  Lightning Wear manufactures navy swim shorts .  Design custom lacrosse shorts with any photo, logo, color, design pattern, print or text. Everything is made in Maryland USA. Scroll below on the different styles and prints we offer.  Keep in mind that you are not just limited to these prints.  Upload logos, pictures or artwork anywhere on the throw.

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  • Black Gold Checker Board Shorts

    Lacrosse Black Gold Checker Board Shorts

    Create your own Black Gold Checker Board Shorts from Lightning Wear.   READ MORE

  • Customize & Design Lacrosse Shorts

    Custom Design Lacrosse Shorts

    Customize and design lacrosse shorts in adult and youth sizes from Lightning Wear.  We manufacture unlimited color sublimated shorts and reversible jerseys for teams all over the world.  This year Bergeys team money decided to go back to their roots with some hundred dollar bill collegiate pinnies and matching shorts.  Design lacrosse shorts in any color pattern or style.  We print them using dye sublimation technology. READ MORE

  • Dye Sublimated Lacrosse Shorts

    Create Dye Sublimated Lacrosse Shorts

    Custom Lacrosse Shorts

    Shop dye sublimated lacrosse shorts from Lightning Wear®.  Every year we have the pleasure of assisting the Mean Machine lacrosse team with custom lacrosse uniforms. We make their custom reversible jerseys, team sublimated shorts, and matching shooter shirts.  In all, they always turn out spectacular. READ MORE

  • Football Sublimated Shorts

    Create Football Sublimated Shorts

    Football sublimated shorts from Lightning Wear®.  Check out these samples going out to my pal Coach Xavier and the Germantown Football League.  READ MORE

  • Lacrosse Uniforms Maryland

    Red Lacrosse Uniforms Maryland

    Lacrosse uniforms Maryland from Lightning Wear®.  Thanks goes out to the MD Extreme teams that will be sporting Lightning Wear this season.  They went with  custom red and white sublimated lacrosse pinnies, white shooter shirts, and signature red lacrosse shorts with pockets.   READ MORE

  • Custom Swim Team Shorts

    Design Custom Swim Team Shorts

    The PG Allstars have done it again with these custom swim team shorts that will be the talk of the meet.   READ MORE

  • Sublimated Lacrosse Uniforms

    Make Sublimated Lacrosse Uniforms

    Design Lacrosse Uniforms

    Sublimated lacrosse uniforms from Lightning Wear®.  Here goes a great set of lacrosse pinnies, shooter shirts and custom lacrosse shorts to our friends out in Portland Oregon.  EPL Select went with some RunD inspired lacrosse reversibles.  The lacrosse shorts were custom made with the team logo on the side of the left panel and the shooter shirts were white with custom logos and team numbers. READ MORE

  • Striker Custom Lacrosse Shorts

    Custom Striker Custom Lacrosse Shorts

    Striker custom lacrosse shorts are one of Lightning Wear’s® major products. READ MORE


  • Photo Blankets

    Thanks for visiting our custom blankets section of the site.  We first started making fleece blankets a few years ago as a promotion for teams and clubs that purchased our uniforms.  What we realized is that there is a huge demand for custom blankets.  The cost of inks, digital printers and presses are cost prohibitive to most companies.  Last year our company purchased a twenty foot wide high heat rotary press.  This has significantly increased our production rate.  It has allowed us to go outside the box of our normal cut and sew uniform operations.  

    design custom blankets
    design custom blankets
    Who does not love a picture of their favorite pet or person on a warm and snuggly blanky.  If you are not the artist or are having trouble with our online designer, just give us a call at 888-438-7875 and we can help you design a masterpiece.  This is a great way to show off your favorite pet or person.
  • navy swim shorts
    navy swim shorts

    Design Custom Lacrosse Shorts

    Create and design custom lacrosse shorts any way you want.  As you can see by the above image, there is no limit to the possibilities of design and personalization.  Our site lets you choose from over twenty templates of sublimated shorts.  The colors, camo patterns and print options are up to you.  With our image uploader, you can cover the whole blanket with whatever image or photograph that you want.  Here is a link to our lacrosse shorts page. Our navy swim shorts are made with a nice inch inseam.  We manufacture them in adult and kids sizing for both boys and girls.  The four needle military stitch waistband has a durable drawstring.  Believe it or not the shorts pictured were made for a basketball team. Basketball goes through different trends and styles.  The trend these days is for  a more form fitting look.  You can get your shorts with or without pockets.  As well you can design custom lacrosse shorts in any color pattern or print that you can think of.  All products are made in Maryland USA.

  • Youth Lacrosse Shorts – navy swim shorts

    We manufacture adult and youth lacrosse shorts in all sizes and colors.   The greatest thing about them is that you can add custom logos, player numbers, last names or whatever you want to the full spread.  These make great team lacrosse shorts for practice or game.  My son wears a different pair of kids lacrosse shorts every day to school.   We have no minimums.

    youth lacrosse shorts
    youth lacrosse shorts
    If you notice the navy swim shorts pictured above are not like what you see on our designer site.  Our site gives a few different styles and short types where you can create your own lacrosse shorts.  But you are not just limiited to design lacrosse shorts with our site only.  We have on site graphic artists that can go outside the box of the standard design tool.   All gear is proudly made in Maryland USA.

Feel free to call us at 888-438-7875 with any questions or concerns about your design, our production schedule or ordering in bulk.  We normally run navy swim shorts or custom blankets in a two to three week delivery time line.  If you need sooner just let us know. Design custom lacrosse shorts for the whole team or club!

© Lacrosse Pinnies & Lax Pinnie | Lightning Wear®
© Lacrosse Pinnies & Lax Pinnie | Lightning Wear®