Money Pinnie

Custom Money Pinnie

Get your money pinnie made from the original Lacrossepinnies site by Lightning Wear®.  I always love seeing some of the creative ideas and designs that our great customers come up with when designing their pinnies.  These Bills hundred dollar bill pinnies are looking so sharp, I would be afraid to play with them in a game for fear of messing them up.  A lot of the fancy designs that you see on our blog actually come from images that are embedded in to the custom pinnies designer that we have online.

money pinnie
money pinnie

Everything you see here was made from scratch by the customer online.  They added team names and numbers to the back of the sublimated jerseys.

Once your order is paid it shows up on our internal admin.  From there it is cued with an artist.  If you are not the creative type or would feel better if we designed your pinnies for you or your team, please just give us a call and we can put you in touch with an artist.  Good luck to the bills team in their season opener.