Mesh Practice Pinnies

Custom Mesh Practice Pinnies

Mesh Practice Pinnies from Lightning Wear®.  Make your own custom reversible practice jerseys in adult and kids sizing.  Dont mess with Texas. Check out these purple lacrosse pinnies from Lanier Texas.

mesh practice pinnies
mesh practice pinnies

Mesh practice reversible bibs are an essential to every practice or game.  Lacrosse is such a fast on your feet sport that you need to quickly identify your opponent.  Our mesh practice pinnies are well made and built to last more than just one season.  We add printed logos on the front of the jerseys as pictured.  Lightning Wear also adds custom names and numbers in any font, pattern or print.

Quality and durability are key ingredients of a great lacrosse pinnie.  We take pride in our product.  I always get irritated when I see some of the garbage that has made its way on the playing field from low cost over seas manufacturers.  Sometimes when you are shopping for things the best price is not ever the best product.  When we first started the lacrosse pinnies site we were getting overseas manufacturers to make our pinnies.  They were horrible.  The fabric was like tissue paper.  The screen printing and designs were peeling off and the numbers were upside down.

The moral of the story is to stay away from overseas manufacturers and work with your peers.  We are manufacturers for some of the biggest brands you know.  As well we do work for the NBA, NHL, MLB and many colleges just to name a few.

Sublimated Practice Jerseys

We have been making a ton of sublimated practice jerseys recently.  Our sublimated reversible jerseys are a caliber of their own.  They are an upgrade from the average practice pinnies because they allow for unlimited color pictures patterns and prints.  You can take a picture of your favorite family member, friend, player or animal and have it imposed on the whole garment.

Thanks for reading my blog post.  If you are in the market for team apparel give us a call.  We can set you up with prime mesh practice pinnies that are completely in your budget.