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Mesh Pinnies
Mesh Pinnies

I am not going to reference what this really says, but its on its way to our gal pals in Fairfield Connecticut. Thanks for the order and have fun with whatever your up to. We have a number of styles of custom mesh jerseys in adult and kids sizes.  As well, we offer a selection for girls and women too.  Most times, mesh pinnies are screen printed with the names and numbers applied using vinyl heat transfer.  When we first started Lightning Wear back in 2006, a majority of our product was made of mesh material like the shirt pictured below.  Lightning Wear was the ONLY manufacturer of the time with such unique possibilities.  Our site allowed you to design and order your mesh jersey online with ANY color combination.  At the time, this was unheard of.


There were days where we wanted to turn the phones off because of such a huge demand for the mesh reversible.  Then, we added a womens racerback pinnie to our line.  We sampled one of my wifes old sports bras and made some pattern changes.  Next thing you know, we had the first ever racerback pinnies.  As you know, now just about every brand offers a reversible jerseys with the racer back option.

In 2006-2007 there were days where in one day we were taking orders for over 1000+ jerseys.  This craze is what thankfully introduced us to the sublimated reversible jerseys.  We love screen printed and mesh jerseys, but the future is dye sublimated custom goods.  They are simply a better product.

Sublimated Pinnies

Dye sublimated pinnies are a slightly different jersey than the reversible pictured above.  With dye sublimation, you can add any color pattern print picture design logo or image anywhere on the garment.  Give us a call today and we can walk you through the different mesh pinnies and sublimated pinnies options.