Mens Sublimated Lacrosse Shorts

Order Mens Sublimated Lacrosse Shorts

Mens sublimated lacrosse shorts from Lightning Wear®.  Another set of mens custom sublimated lax shorts are on the way out the door to the Titans Select Lacrosse team. Get your team sublimated lacrosse shorts with or without pockets. Made to last in Kensington, Maryland USA. Design online or have our artists make designs for you.

The Titans wanted a cool contrasting camouflage short with a darker camo on the front and white light camo on the side panels.  They separated the look with a thin white line rib to break up the contrast.  They used the very artistic Titans lacrosse logo on the bottom left leg.  Every year the Titans come up with some type of new custom lax short to wear for the season.  So far these shorts seem to be the factory favorites here.

mens sublimated lacrosse shorts
mens sublimated lacrosse shorts

Strange enough people always ask what we do with the over prints and mis prints.  Every year we donate close to 1,000 different articles of clothing to the Haitian relief.  We get a great kick out of the pictures that we receive of the underprivileged kids and adults wearing what we would consider waste or trash.  It certainly gives a new appreciation on what we have. So give us a call when you are ready to order mens sublimated lacrosse shorts or any product.