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Finally, here goes a set of the mens lacrosse shorts for the Timperly Mens Lacrosse Team.  These guys will also be making their tour of North America all the way from London England.  Thank your for the great order and best wishes.  Have safe travels and we hope you do well in this weekends lacrosse tournaments. Custom lacrosse shorts are made to order in Maryland USA.

mens lacrosse shorts custom
mens lacrosse shorts custom

What you need to know about us is that we are the premier manufacturer of sublimated lacrosse shorts and custom lacrosse uniforms for men and women.  But what you also need to know is that we make uniforms for teams all over the globe.  Further, we are not just a lacrosse company.  Lightning Wear was founded in 2006 because we saw a demand for custom sports apparel.  There were a lot of teams out there that needed to be outfitted with quality without breaking a wallet.  This is where we came in.

Initially we made reversible mesh jerseys.  It was a pretty cool setup.  We started out with a manufacturer in Virginia.  Next we tried a cut and sew manufacturer in Baltimore.  Unfortunately, we realized that it was really hard to keep a consistent product without the full support from the people making it.  So this is when we went down to the Little Sisters of the Poor in DC.  They connected us with some very talented seamstresses.  With a little more divine intervention, we found a company that was selling used sewing machines at auction.  The rest is Lightning Wear history.  One of the first big purchases we made was a pneumatic multi needle sewing machine.  The machine was used in sewing our elastic waistband on all of our lacrosse shorts.

If you are looking for womens or mens lacrosse shorts, give us a call at 888-438-7875 and we can help you design and order them fast.