Mens Lacrosse Practice Jerseys

Design Mens Lacrosse Practice Jerseys

Mens Lacrosse Practice Jerseys are made to order in Kensington, Maryland by Lightning Wear Apparel.  Pictured is the infamous 100 dollar bill print sublimated pinnies heading out to some cool lacrosse players on the tech Support team.

mens lacrosse practice jerseys
mens lacrosse practice jerseys

The mens lacrosse practice jerseys you see here are dye sublimated.  This means that the actual pattern and design are dyed in to a long strand of fabric at a very high temperature using a special water based ink.  The special treated fabric allows for the ink to swallow in to the fabric and release in to the fibers for a long lasting color.  They are constructed with special polyester thread and hemmed at the open bottom for a finished look.  You never have to worry about the patterns, names or numbers peeling off of the jersey, because the ink is applied at such a high temperature there is never a fade or discoloration, regardless of how many times you wash or wear the fabric.  Pretty cool technology huh?

Mens Lacrosse Pinnies

Our mens lacrosse pinnies come in a number of different styles for you to choose from and they are really not just for lacrosse.  They can be used for just about any sport. For basketball pinnies, we recommend going with the longer bottom pinnie.  For youth lacrosse teams, we recommend you taking a look at the collegiate cut pinnie.  These have a wider shoulder and are better at keeping the pads on the little guys.  Don’t forget to check out a matching pair of lacrosse shorts or team shooter shirts for your club.

Keep in mind that we make everything from scratch here in Maryland.  Many of the coaches and directors we are talking to this year have been affected by the rough winter up and down the east coast.  This is a great reminder that you need to be sure to order early and set realistic dates for us to deliver your uniforms or mens lacrosse practice pinnies.  We want to make your first game with our uniforms as much as you want them to, so please be sure to give us ample time to make them.  Thanks for reading our blog and please use the social share buttons to send our posts to your friends.