Masuk Soccer Pinnies

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Masuk Custom Soccer Reversibles – Monroe Connecticut Soccer Pinnies

Masuk soccer pinnies custom made from Lightning Wear.  

masuk soccer pinnies
masuk soccer pinnies

Some Lime green and powder blue pinnies are on the way to the Masuk soccer squad. Thanks for the order and have a great season.  The team added custom names and numbers to the backs of these fresh jerseys.  As well, they added a paw print logo on the top neck for the full effect.  The team said they were playing in a bunch of local and travel tournaments.  Since it was a hot summer planned, they wanted to make sure they stayed fresh in these custom soccer bibs.

The team was in a bit of a time crunch.  So they took us up on the rush service fee.  For an additional 25% charge on the order, you can get your jerseys or custom apparel guaranteed delivery in seven business days.  We hate charging anyone this but to get to the front of the line sometimes you have to pay for it.  Call us today for your custom soccer pinnies needs.