Maryland USA Flag Shorts – Lacrosse

Custom Maryland USA Flag Shorts

Here goes another pair of some very sharp Maryland USA flag shorts. You can order these directly from the design ideas in the State section.  The shorts split in two so you can make one side one print and another side whatever other print you want to use.  Pretty cool right?  Our custom American flag lacrosse shorts come with or without pockets and an elastic draw string.  The inseam is approximately nine inches with a hemmed bottom and lit fit material.

Maryland USA flag shorts
Maryland USA flag shorts





Unique Lacrosse Shorts

We posted something on instagram the other day about these shorts because we have been selling them on the site for a few years now along with a bunch of other ideas.  I was reading Lacrosse Magazine the other day when I noticed an advertisement from a competitor that had a few of our designs that they are now selling with their brand logo on them.  My mom always taught me that the biggest form of flattery is imitation so once again I just have to giggle.  Get your American flag shorts or Maryland flag shorts  or just blend them together with these cool duds.  Made in Maryland USA.  Dont be fooled by the imposter brand or ripoff pair that has been floating around.  Show your pride in America and Maryland by purchasing a pair that is truly made from scratch in Montgomery County Maryland.