Maroon Soccer Jerseys

Striped Maroon Soccer Jerseys

Check out these sublimated Maroon soccer jerseys we made for the Clark Park FC.

maroon soccer jerseys
maroon soccer jerseys

These gents wanted to spruce up their current look with one of our stock designs.  The second color chosen on these was athletic gold.  They designed and ordered it on our Lightning Wear site.  For around $35 per jersey they are now able to look like professionals.  We will be adding a soccer jersey and soccer uniforms section to the lacrosse pinnies site soon.

Most of our soccer friends see that lacrossepinnies site name and get turned away.  Never fear my friends.  Although the site name is not exactly soccer friendly, we here at Lightning Wear are.  Our roots are with soccer.  Personally I played soccer for a number of years in the MSI program.  Our head guy here played for Blackpool in the British Premier league.  So to say we know soccer and soccer kits is an understatement for sure.

Youth Soccer Jerseys

Our youth soccer jerseys start at size youth extra small.  In adult we can manufacture as big as 5xl.  We also make girls soccer uniforms too.  One thing you will notice about the design pictured is that the lines, logo and text all match up wonderfully.  When these guys designed these jerseys, they had a white box around the logo that they uploaded and the text was a wee bit off centered.  They left  a nice little reminder note in their order details.  Our in house artist was able to touch up, center and remove the white box with ease.  If you are working on our design and cannot seem to make it work, we suggest that you do your best to place the order.  Then we can proof it and adjust before going to print.

In all, these maroon soccer jerseys turned out sweet.  Feel free to call us with any soccer uniform or design questions at 888-438-7875;