Manufacturer Lacrosse Uniforms

USA Manufacturer Lacrosse Uniforms

Manufacturer Lacrosse Uniforms by Lightning Wear Apparel.  We are a garment manufacturer and team uniform provider based in Kensington, Maryland USA.  All of our custom jerseys, custom shorts and team shirts are printed, cut, sewn and shipped from our DC metro area factory.  We employ skilled artists, fabric cutters and sewers.  We are one of the few full service direct to customer companies in the United States.

manufacturer lacrosse uniforms
manufacturer lacrosse uniforms

We make uniforms for girls and boys in adult and kids sizing.  Our size charts can help you outfit your team with ease.  If you feel more comfortable speaking with someone about your team order, give us a call and we can walk you through the process.

As well, if there is a design idea you have in mind, or you have seen another team with a cool look, call us.  Our in house art department can help make your idea in to a reality.

Spring Lacrosse

For Spring lacrosse, Most of our youth, Junior Varsity and Varsity teams order different combinations of products according to the league regulations.  I know a lot of our high school teams have to keep their designs and styles simple.  This includes big numbers on sleeved lacrosse jerseys and very little flash.  For the youth teams on the other hand, your creativity and design options are less restrictive.  There are federation rules that do work in the interest of the referees that officiate. The refs complain that flashy lacrosse uniforms make it difficult for them to call penalties.

Summer lacrosse is somewhat the opposite.  Most adult and high school leagues can get a little more crazy with their uniform designs, colors and special accents.  With dye sublimation, the possibilities for shock value are endless.  Call us today and let us make you some incredible uniforms.  We make them to last for seasons to come.