Make Lacrosse Shorts

Design & Make Lacrosse Shorts

Make lacrosse shorts in any color pattern or style.   Learn how to make lacrosse shorts using dye sublimation technology.  Sound it out… nnn-tss-nnn-tss-nnn-tss-nnn-tss…. Do you hear that? You will in your new pair of sublimated DJ shorts! Check out this new design and get yours; coming soon to our facebook store.  Get your American made lax shorts from Lightning Wear. Design and order online in minutes using our custom shorts maker.  There is no design that we cant do.  Call us for a free team mockup and quote.  Adult and youth sizes of custom lacrosse shorts are available.

make lacrosse shorts
make lacrosse shorts

What can I print on the shorts?

With dye sublimation, you can print any thing you want on any part of your custom lacrosse uniforms.  Unlike some of the other companies out there that claim to be sublimation specialist, we actually do every aspect of production in our Maryland facility.  This means that the printing pressing cutting and sewing is all done on American USA soil.  Sublimated uniforms are made in adult and kids sizes for girls and guys for distribution all over the globe.  But the most exciting part about your gear being made in the USA is that you always have a point of contact to track down your garments.  If there is a color pattern or style that you are set on, we can help you build it.

Today I received a call from a customer that wanted purple cow prints on their shorts but could not find it on our site.  They automatically thought that it wasnt available because it was not on the designer tool.  Quickly I explained to them that everything on the site is made to order.  In other words, you can order whatever the heck you want with any print style pattern or print.  Get rid of the pain of dealing with a middle man or overseas manufacturer that part times as fake microsoft engineer trying to get in your computer.  (True story and one for another post.)  The answer is that if you want to make lacrosse shorts, work with lacrosse players that know what you are looking for.