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Make Field Hockey Pinnies

Girls Make Field Hockey Pinnies

Custom Pink Pinnies – Play For the Cure Pinnies

Make field hockey pinnies with Lightning Wear.  

make field hockey pinnies
make field hockey pinnies

Sorry I have been slacking recently on the posts my dear people.   Here goes a cool set of screen printed field hockey pinnies on the way to the Mustangs girls field hockey team.  Thanks for the order and good luck in this weeks upcoming tournament.   These play for the cure pinnies are a great way to show your support of a great cause.   Made to order means they are cut, sewn, printed and personalized all from our Kensington, Maryland facility.


It is amazing to see the growth of the sport of field hockey.  There are youth field hockey programs arising all over the world.  My three daughters play.  While I do not understand all of the aspects and rules of the sport, I can say I am becoming a fan.  Call us and we can help you make field hockey pinnies that are awesome.