Long Sleeve Volleyball Jerseys

Camouflage Long Sleeve Volleyball Jerseys

Man oh man would you please check out these fresh looking camo long sleeve volleyball jerseys we made for the Glastonbury Volleyball team.  

long sleeve volleyball jerseys
long sleeve volleyball jerseys

The team chose the long sleeve sublimated shirts with custom collegiate text for the fronts of the shirts.  Their backs had custom nicknames and player numbers.  The cool thing I noticed while looking over this order is that not all of the players chose to add numbers to the jersey.  If you are looking for long sleeve camouflage shooter shirts i would suggest that you start in the design ideas section.   We have tried to start the design for you with some different variations. Honestly though the sky is the limit for what you can design for long or short sleeve shirts.

Most importantly, you can add print to all parts of the jersey.  This means that logos patterns and prints can be placed in any part of the body or arms of the shirt. So the camouflage pictured can be turned in to three four or five of your favorite custom colors.  The process we used to make this is call dye sublimation.


Be sure to check out these custom volleyball is life pinnies we made for a team a few years back.  As you can see we are not just a lacrosse company.  Most all of us here at Lightning Wear are athletes that have played many sports.  Beach volleyball was one of my favorite sports as a kid.  What I would never imagine is that I would one day be working for a company that makes such cool volleyball apparel.  If you are a team that is looking for long sleeve shooting shirts for any sport, call us.  Custom t shirts are our business.