Lightning Wear Mission

Smiles Everyone!  That was what Mr. Roarke used to tell his guests when they visited his Fantasy Island resort.  This was a famous TV show we watched in the early ’80s.  But there is no fantasy about getting great custom team apparel.  We proudly make smiles a requirement as a part of the Lightning Wear Mission.


Lightning Wear Mission
Lightning Wear Mission

The Lightning Wear Mission is to provide you with the best customer service and quality product ever. If you are wearing a pinnie, custom lacrosse shirts, lacrosse shorts, or a hooded sweatshirt, we want it to be one made by Lightning Wear Apparel.

Every customer is important to us. Whether you are a team buying online, or a store that resells our product, you are what makes us.

Lightning Wear  and our great team hand cut, sew and print all of our pinnies in our Kensington, Maryland factory. We are committed to making your design a finished masterpiece. Most often, we are at our location seven days a week to make sure that we meet your needs as a customer. Is there a date or special event that you need your pinnies by?

Call us at 888-438-7875 and we will do our best to get them to you in time. Interested in a funky special print that you do not see on our designer? Our skilled artists will make your vision a one of a kind jersey.

The Lightning Wear Mission

Team Lightning Wear come a long way in the past six years. Lightning Wear Apparel now employs over 25 American workers in our Kensington, Maryland facility. Unlike our competition, all of our garments are made, printed and shipped in the United States. This means that every product is cut to order within a reasonable time and cost. Therefore, it is easier for us to add on or change orders because of our hands on approach.  We use some of the highest forms of digital printing and dye sublimation in North America.  Below are some posts we have thrown up on our blog.  This is a great place for you to get ideas about your next order.

We currently operate three high speed state of the art sublimation machines. The machines allow us to keep up with the latest trends and styles. We will continue to invest in our customers and our company. We are determined to expand our product line and presence all over the globe. Our team greatly appreciates your business and thank you for visiting, a Lightning Wear Company. Call us today for a free uniform consultation at 888-438-7875 or contact us using the form below.