Lightning Wear Lacrosse Uniforms

USO Lightning Wear Lacrosse Uniforms

Lightning Wear lacrosse uniforms are made to order in Maryland USA.  Looks like the Hero’s Fall lacrosse tournament is starting off with a bang with the USO boys taking a 3-0 run in early.  We love these guys and are really proud to be a part of such a great organization.  Be sure to check out their page here  According to Wikepedia,

The United Service Organizations Inc. (USO Show) is a nonprofit organization that provides programs, services and live entertainment to United States service members and their families.

Anyone that knows any of the guys in this picture will surely attest to the fact that they are indeed entertainers on and off of the field.  We are glad to know the are wearing our USA made brand on their backs and tails.


Lightning Wear Lacrosse Uniforms
Lightning Wear Lacrosse Uniforms

Sublimated Collegiate Cut Jerseys

Sublimated Collegiate cut jerseys are the wider shoulder ones you see a lot of colleges wearing these days.  You may ask yourself, what are they wearing?  We made sublimated collegiate cut pinnies for the tops.  These are basically the wide shoulder jerseys that a lot of the college teams are now playing with.  You saw them here first.  But now we go back to the cool uniforms for the USO boys.  We cannot take credit for the designs on these lacrosse jerseys.  One of their captains Jay did an incredible job on the designs and layout of the uniforms.

Honestly, this is what I love the most about this job.  Our in house artists are great.  When you get a customer that designs cars, houses or skyscrapers all day that puts their creative juices in to the mix, it makes it all worth while.  The lacrosse shorts that Jay and his team designed were one for the record books as well.

Good luck to you guys and thanks for the great pic.  We were proud to help make their custom lacrosse uniforms.