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Lacrosse Pinny

Create your own Lax pennies from Lightning Wear®.  Lax pennies have a variety of common or uncommon spellings.  The way we learned it when we first started this site was that pennys were money and pinnies were sports reversible jerseys.  Does it really matter? No.  What matters is that someone soon will be the recipient of these cool looking lax bro reversible jerseys.  All of our gear as you may know by now if you read any of our tons of blog posts is made to order in our Kensington, Maryland USA factory.

lax pennies
lax pennies

Get your lax pinnies in any color style or pattern that you want.

Sublimated Pinnies v. Screen Printed Pinnies

The choice is yours.  Do you go with the sublimated pinnies or the screen printed pinnies.  Lax pennies can be made either way.  Screen printed is when the mesh is sewn together first with the colors already on the fabric and rolled.  A logo is put on using a screen with ink.  They are usually less expensive than the sublimated pinnies.  Sublimated pinnies are first dyed using paper and a high heat press.  Then the pattern is sewn together.  They are more expensive but definitely prove to be long lasting.  We make both here in our Kensington, Maryland location.