Lax Mesh Pinnies

Custom Lax Mesh Pinnies

Womens Lacrosse Pinnies 

Here goes another set of Lax mesh pinnies from Lightning Wear®.  Thanks to the ladies in Delaplane Virginia for the Red and Lax Mesh Color Womens Plain Pinnies. Happy Laxin.

lax mesh pinnies
lax mesh pinnies

Our womens pinnies have come a long way since the basement days of sewing when our company was originally started.  Its a great feeling to now be able to offer whatever design or pattern print you are looking for.  We see a lot of competition both overseas and in the United States, but no company on the planet can handle what we accomplish, now that we operate in our Kensington, Maryland facilities.  We can get you what you want without waiting for ages to get it.

The other day I saw a (guess you could call it competitor) calling themselves the “Superior Lacrosse Pinnies” company.  We try not to give ourselves any names of false promises, but I can tell you I know whats out there, and I am confident in saying that in every part of the process we stand out as the lacrosse pinnie company.  Call us today and we can show you why we sell over 1,000,000 pinnies per year.