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Manufacturer Lacrosse Uniforms

USA Manufacturer Lacrosse Uniforms

Manufacturer Lacrosse Uniforms by Lightning Wear Apparel.  We are a garment manufacturer and team uniform provider based in Kensington, Maryland USA.  All of our custom jerseys, custom shorts and team shirts are printed, cut, sewn and shipped from our DC metro area factory.  We employ skilled artists, fabric cutters and sewers.  We are one of the few full service direct to customer companies in the United States.

funky lacrosse uniforms

Funky Lacrosse Uniforms

Fruit Cake Funky Lacrosse Uniforms

Funky lacrosse uniforms from Lightning Wear Apparel.  Check out these Fruitcake inspired funky lacrosse uniforms going out to our pals in Missouri for their True lacrosse winter tournaments.  

halloween lacrosse uniforms

Halloween Lacrosse Uniforms

Custom Halloween Lacrosse Uniforms

Halloween lacrosse uniforms from Lightning Wear®.  Fall lacrosse is always, in my opinion, one of the greatest times of the year besides the official season.  It is a great time to work out team plays and your own personal equipment and keep the wheel oiled.

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© Lacrosse Pinnies & Lax Pinnie | Lightning Wear®