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Lacrosse uniforms Utah from Lightning Wear®.  Just because it is snowing in Utah right now does not mean there is not a great game of lacrosse or two being player in or outdoors.  Check out these lacrosse team uniforms going out to the Logan team.  They chose a rather plain front logo and number and decided to spruce the back up with a very detailed claw with the number over top of the cool design.  They chose a collegiate style jersey with the finished bottoms.  Dye sublimation allows for you to be simple and elegant or fancy and fierce.  Either way, the fat that the ink stays in to the fabric without washout is definitely a win win.

lacrosse uniforms utah
lacrosse uniforms utah


Collegiate Vs. Regular Pinnie

I have mentioned this on previous blog posts but I am glad to discuss it again since you are here.  The above picture is of a collegiate cut pinnie with a wider shoulder and slightly smaller opening for the arm hole.  Here are some pros:

  1. great for youth / boys lacrosse because it keeps the shoulder pads in place without falling over
  2. smaller armholes keeps from youth elbow pads getting caught in arm holes
  3. wider so there is more area for embellishment and personalizatoin
  4. looks more like a regular sleeveless jersey

The regular plain pinnie as picture in this pinnie post is a lot like the above mentioned jersey but has its own positives.

  1. great for that loose fit look.  it can be worn more on the casual side as well whereas the collegiate cut lacrosse pinnies are more for the game only
  2. allows for more mobility when playing sports even with pads/protection
  3. more of a unisex jersey so it can be shared with your girl or guy pals

Check out another link to custom lacrosse shorts that we make.  Call us for your sublimated lacrosse jerseys needs and custom team uniforms.



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© Lacrosse Pinnies & Lax Pinnie | Lightning Wear®
© Lacrosse Pinnies & Lax Pinnie | Lightning Wear®