Lacrosse Uniforms Woodstock Georgia

Make Lacrosse Uniforms Woodstock Georgia

Check out the lacrosse uniforms Woodstock Georgia,  Another growing area for lacrosse that we are seeing is the peach state of Georgia.  There are many youth and adult girls and guys programs popping up all over the state.  We are fortunate enough to outfit a large number of lacrosse uniforms for teams in the state, . Pictured is one of the many sets we sent out to the Etowah Eagles youth program.  The Eagles went with the traditional white and royal blue reversible jerseys, a gold white and blue shooter shirt and custom shorts with pockets.  All pieces have the great looking eagles logos and custom font chosen numbers and player names.


lacrosse uniforms woodstock georgia
lacrosse uniforms woodstock georgia

The Possibilities with Lightning Wear

The possibilities that Lightning Wear can offer are limitless.  Team shorts and shirts can completely be created and produced within a reasonable budget.  Our normal production time on custom gear is 4-5 weeks depending on the quantity ordered.  We suggest that you always give yourself enough time to plan for your order.  I know it is tough, especially with new programs to meet your registration dates and also get sizes/rosters in to us.  Especially at the start of the new year, many organizers complain that many a lot of their signups are delayed.  Honestly, around the holidays and the new year, most people just do not want to do anything.  I guess the old saying holds true that the early bird gets the worm.


A lot of our seasoned clubs are able to calculate and guess registration.  If you are a new club and need some guidance with regards to sizing for lacrosse uniforms feel free to give us and call and we can help in any way we can.  Where it gets complicated is when teams are late registering because they want the players to have their favorite numbers.  My recommendation is to avoid the pick your own number option if you are running a late registration.  Just go 1-whatever and call it a day.  Start with the lower numbers in smaller sizes and bigger sizes for the lacrosse jersey get the higher number.

If you have any questions about your teams registration or need some further direction, please feel free to call or write.