Lacrosse Uniforms Sublimated

Lacrosse uniforms sublimated from Lightning Wear Apparel.  Check out these custom lacrosse pinnies, lacrosse shorts and custom shooting shirts.  The 805 Sharks from the Santa Barbara California area wanted to look vicious.   Their boys are playing in a number of lacrosse tournaments this summer and wanted the special look.   They wanted to work with a greenish blue and yellow color and some digital camouflage accents.  We added team logos and a giant shark on the front of the collegiate cut pinnies for an extraordinary look.  One of our artists worked with their coaches to come up with a truly remarkable set of team lacrosse uniforms.  It seems like these days, every team is out to have the best and most exciting uniforms.  These may ice the cake.


lacrosse uniforms sublimated
lacrosse uniforms sublimated

Create Lacrosse Uniforms Sublimated

Let us help you create lacrosse uniforms for your girls or boys team.  We are seasoned pros with experience far beyond our US or overseas competitors.  The biggest day for most lacrosse programs is usually March 1 of every year.  Get ready and outfitted early with time to spare.  We are your reliable source for quality USA made garments.

The team added a small left chest logo, side panels and custom numbers on the front and back of the lacrosse reversibles.  For the shorts, they went with a left leg logo and right digital camouflage side panels.  For the shooter shirts, again they used their shark on the front in a watermark look.  We placed back logos and numbers on the shooting shirt.  These really make the team stand out when they are on the field.

Who Are We – Lightning Wear

Lightning Wear is one of the few manufacturers lacrosse uniforms in the United States that can design and craft custom dyed fabric.  We also make uniforms and team apparel for soccer, basketball, football, hockey, field hockey and tons of other sports. We print, cut, sew and ship from our Kensington, Maryland state of the art facility to teams all across the globe.  In any instance, we can make a unique set of high quality uniforms at a budget you and your team can afford.  Call today for team pricing and current time schedules.