Lacrosse Uniforms New Jersey

Custom Lacrosse Uniforms New Jersey

Shop lacrosse uniforms New Jersey or any of our great states here at Lightning Wear.  Here goes a set of camouflage lacrosse uniforms to our pals in Livingston New Jersey. They designed a very cool mens plain reversible jersey with custom numbers and names and numbers on the back.  I am pretty sure this order was for over 300 pieces.  It is safe to say that when I saw these spread out on the table for shipment, my eyes were going crazy.  Their camouflage had grey and green accents, almost like the Loyola Greyhounds lacrosse uniforms.  We also did a matching set of girls custom lacrosse uniforms for the Livingston organization as well.  They were a pleasure to work with and we look forward to working with them again next year on this or a new design.

lacrosse uniforms new jersey
lacrosse uniforms new jersey

Youth Lacrosse Uniforms

We like to think and strongly believe that we are specialists in youth lacrosse uniforms.  Hopefully our customers think so too.  Our state of the art dye sublimation equipment allows us to design and manufacture uniforms using the latest and great looks.  But one thing is for sure.  Camouflage will always be a popular top seller for us.  You have the choice of using three or four color camouflage in any design or pattern.  If you do not see what you are looking for on one of the styles of our site, let us know and we can put it on there.  Or, we can have our in house graphic artists design your girls or boys custom lacrosse uniforms for you.

I was down at the beach in Maryland this weekend.  I was amazed at how many people were out on the sand playing catch their lacrosse sticks.  My guess is that is was the same in New Jersey and every other beach from here to the west coast.  It is great to see the sport of lacrosse growing.  We are happy to be one of the major manufacturers and suppliers of lacrosse uniforms New Jersey or any state or county.

New Jersey beaches host several sand and off sand tournaments for lacrosse.  The tournaments bring some of the greatest rising stars on the east coast and abroad.  If you are on the beach playing, we want you in our gear.



Design Custom Lacrosse Uniforms New Jersey

Really there is no limit to the design custom lacrosse uniforms New Jersey thing.  If you have an idea in mind, call us and one of our in house graphic artists can help you create a masterpiece.  Call us at 888-438-7875 for more details.  You can add custom lacrosse shorts, shooter shirts, sleeved jerseys or reversible lacrosse pinnies at an affordable price.  We work with teams all over the globe with their design and more importantly their budget.  More so, we are one of the only USA based manufacturers that can turn out 1000+ pieces per day.  So no matter how big or small your team or club is, we have you covered.  Some of the biggest uniform brands rely on our in house production facility and dye sublimation factory to produce their garments.  But Lightning Wear is a growing brand that we protect and continue to grow.  We want your team or club wearing our bolt on all of your game gear and team apparel.

Spirit Wear

Ask us about team spirit wear.  Parents love wearing their childs name or number on a custom shooter shirt or womens lacrosse shirts.  The girls lacrosse shirt has become one of the most popular shirts for moms and sisters.  More so the girls teams love them for warmup and shooter shirts.  For around ninety dollars we offer a three piece set for boys and girls teams.  Call us today and we can find the perfect fit without breaking your wallet.




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