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Lacrosse Uniforms Maryland

Red Lacrosse Uniforms Maryland

Lacrosse uniforms Maryland from Lightning Wear®.  Thanks goes out to the MD Extreme teams that will be sporting Lightning Wear this season.  They went with  custom red and white sublimated lacrosse pinnies, white shooter shirts, and signature red lacrosse shorts with pockets.  The coaches always got a taste of the pie in some very sweet custom coaches shirts.  The instruction to our art department was to keep it simple and make the team logo pop on all garments.  Looking at the design this is definitely what we accomplished.

lacrosse uniforms maryland
lacrosse uniforms maryland

MDX fields a bunch of teams and we were really excited to let them test out our new fabric.  We havent come up with a name for it yet but in the warehouse we nicknamed it ferrari because its so sleek and smooth and pops with colors like red and black.  When you go to place your order, make sure and inquire about it and we might be able to upgrade you at the same price.  Call us for special pricing on team uniforms and packages. For around $75 dollars you can get your team in the three pieces pictured.  We ship all over the world!

Sublimated Lacrosse Uniforms

Sublimated lacrosse uniforms from Lightning Wear® are made to last more than one season.  We laugh because we see a lot of resellers and even big brand companies trying to dip their feet in the water of dye sublimated lacrosse uniforms.  A majority of them work with the same manufacturer that allows them to use their own private label on stuff they manufacture.  From what I know the turn time for that particular company is over six weeks and there is absolutely no guarantee that they will have your order correct.  Add ons and replacements are laughable.  What you will get from us here at Lightning Wear® is on site assistance, a reliable and well made product, and the piece of mind knowing that your order is handled by us every step and way in the process.