Lacrosse Uniforms Kentucky

Custom Lacrosse Uniforms Kentucky

Lacrosse uniforms Kentucky from Lightning Wear®.

lacrosse uniforms Kentucky
lacrosse uniforms Kentucky

The laxers from Premier lacrosse in Kentucky once again have put together an incredible batch of custom shooter shirts, lacrosse pinnies and lacrosse shorts as pictured below. As you can see from the design, the team was pretty creative with adding the repeat of their logo in a watermark.  As well they used the purple gray black and white color pallette to really make the uniforms strong.


We make lacrosse uniforms Kentucky in any color, pattern or style you can think of.  The Premier team chose to do a step and repeat image of the Kentucky map to show their opponents where they are on the globe.  The lacrosse shooter shirts were some of the coolest we have seen in a while.  They went with a two color sleeve and side accent with a white piping down the side.  The lacrosse shorts had a two color gray and black tone to really make them pop.They added their numbers to the shorts, shirts and jerseys with a cool outline.  Call us for your team needs for custom lacrosse uniforms.