Lacrosse Uniforms Kansas

Digital Camouflage Lacrosse Uniforms Kansas

Lacrosse uniforms Kansas from Lightning Wear®.  Special thanks to the Bulldogs of Kansas for the great team pic of the guys wearing our red digital camouflage lacrosse pinnies.  The team chose to go with the longer sublimated basketball shorts in digital camouflage as well.  The basketball shorts that we manufacture have an 11″ inseam as opposed to our lacrosse shorts which have a 9″ inseam.  This inseam grades down for the youth lacrosse shorts.  Most of us have children in the youth age group, so if you are unsure about the jersey or short sizing, feel free to give us a call and we can go over it with you.

lacrosse uniforms Kansas
lacrosse uniforms Kansas

The jerseys that they wore were collegiate cut.  They have a wider shoulder and seem to keep in the pads a little better than the traditional lacrosse pinnies. One thing I will recommend is not using italic bolder fonts.  While I love the jerseys that they were sent, I do think that there tends to be some distorting and change in a font when they are italicized.  Feel free to call us and we can help with the rendition to confirm.

We love when our great customers send us pictures of the team together.  Whether they are tournament champions or the last place bad news bears, we are always glad to see the group together showing off their custom lacrosse uniforms.  We put so much time and hard work in to making our gear.  It is nice to know that the girls and guys that wear it are willing to come together and display their team greatness.  Please be sure to email us and will will post on our instagram, twitter, facebook and blog accounts.

If you are looking for lacrosse uniforms Kansas or any other state or country, please call us for team pricing and design ideas.